Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Alternate Frame Doubles 2015

Alternate Frame Doubles - February 16, 2015 - Chateau Lanes

The Alternate Frame Doubles is a neat tournament with a great concept.  Unlike alternate shot where you and your partner bowl each frame together, this tournament allows you and your partner to choose a lane and stick to it the whole game.  For example, if you prefer the left lane you will only bowl the frames that fall on the left lane while your partner only bowls the frames landing on the right lane.  You can change it every game, but you are stuck with it for the remainder of that game.  No switches allowed. It's match play every game, meeting up with a new team every game.  If you win, you get 20 pins bonus.

This year we had 13 doubles, leaving one John Doe. 

There were a total of 101 games over 200 out of the 156 games bowled.  And that's not including the other four 200+ games thrown in the stepladder.  Very impressive work done by all bowlers!

After winning their first doubles tournament together in 2014 in this very tournament, Michael Schmidt and David Dorge went into the tournament wanting to defend their title.  Upon averaging 231 for the day, Mike and David had a chance to do just that, finishing first overall going into the stepladder.

Lynne Gauthier and Sharon Tataryn, the only female duo in the group, finished 4th going into the stepladder, playing Frank Hunt and Steve Snyder.  The female duo pulled off a very nice 248, securing their spot in the semi-finals against Sean Coutts and Rob Dufreane.  Sadly the story ended there when the girls lost by one pin, 208-207.  What a game that was to watch!  Great job to both teams!

Mike and David slowly started stringing the strikes, both lined in perfectly on their respective lanes.  And as the frames went on it just became harder for Sean and Rob to catch up.  Now, how do you feel bad about your bowling with what came next...

In the tenth frame, Mike went up to bowl and got the first two strikes.  With the 11th ball looking a little off, potentially leaving some pins, one can only assume he made an adjustment because the 12th shot buried the pocket.  Mike and David win the game with a 300!!  How can you be upset when you lose to a game like that!?  You can't!  Rob and Sean laughed and congratulated the other team in amazing sportsmanship.

What a great day of bowling it was! 


Tournament Results:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IyftiCf-Y1upipZXfsShbX70hoFN9OwNVnI6hrf_Dfk/edit?usp=sharing

Our next tournament is the 8 Game Singles on March 29 at Laverendrye Lanes!  Watch for the e-mail and poster! 

5 Game Singles 2014

5 Game Singles - December 14, 2014  - Chateau Lanes

It has been a year of firsts for the MCBA.  And another great tournament for Gord Tereck, our tournament winner!

The 5 games singles is a 5 game total pinfall, with a page play-down for the stepladder. 

1st plays 4th while 2nd plays 3rd. 
The winner of 1st vs. 4th automatically goes to the final.
The winner of the 2nd vs. 3rd match goes on to play the loser of the 1st vs. 4th match.
The winner from that match goes on the play the winner of the 1st vs. 4th match. 

After throwing an impressive 290 in his match against Gord Tereck, who bowled a 234, Mike Schmidt advanced to the final round automatically.  Defeating Clem Perreault, Sean Coutts went on to play Gord Tereck.  In that round the lanes were toughening up, but Gord was able to pull out a win with a 189 to Sean's 153.  Advancing to the finals, Gord got ready for a re-match against Mike.  Playing monkey see, monkey do, Mike threw a 189 against Gord who threw a 226, making Gord the winner.

Gord is on a roll this season!  And may I add, he only has 3 bowling balls in his bag.  Pretty impressive stuff if I do say so myself.

Congratulations Gord Tereck!

Hal Ross Doubles 2014

Hal Ross Doubles - November 11, 2014 - Laverendrye Lanes

And the "old" dogs have it! 

Another first for the MCBA came early this season. 

The Tereck brothers were able to take home their first victory in the Hal Ross Doubles this season.  Not only that, the finals saw them playing against Clem Perreault and George Janzen, two more great bowlers who have been around a couple years.  It was really great to see the "oldies" shine in this tournament.  I believe it was joked the day of that the average age for the finals was something in the 60's or 70's (but who's counting). 

Congratulations to all the bowlers who came out this year!  There was great bowling all around.

Results Available Here

Round Results:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JXMklhptPLjc2SDgwpytnWZjYE2-4ZDBJzkkIQK68-k/edit?usp=sharing

Score Spreadsheet:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qp-NJ6mM4RCDwhnFw2TNkCNEr8Uiib3Aay_pIz0qPbA/edit?usp=sharing

Congratulations Dan Tereck and Gord Tereck!