Monday, February 17, 2014

Alternate Frame Doubles 2014

This year we tried something new...bowling on a holiday.  Since the Hal Ross is on a holiday we thought why not try the Alternate Frame Doubles on a holiday.  We saw an increase of 3 teams which in the long run was a plus even if it was a long day.

Thanks to Curtis Turko, who graciously donated two $50.00 gift cards for Mongos Grill, we were able to give an award for the first 300 of the tournament.  Right out of the gate we thought we had it given away to the Tereck Brothers, but they were just shy, only bowling a 298.  By game 8 we were finally able to give it away to Mike Schmidt and David Dorge.  Congrats gentlemen!

As for the was a lot of fun!  With the format of this tournament, you never know what will happen.  The point of the Alternate Frame Doubles is for each partnership to bowl a game together, each person bowling on a different lane (i.e. Bowler 1 bowls all his frames on lane 1 and Bowler 2 bowls all his frames on lane 2).  You never know if you and your partner will click and put the games together perfectly.  But a lot of the pairings did just that.  There were a lot of high games which was great to see.

Game 12 is a position round which proved to be just as exciting as the previous 11 games.  Going into the position round there was only one pin between 4th place and 5th place, and only one pin between 5th place and 6th place.  It really does go to show how much getting every pin counts.  And personally, I love those close matches! 

After a long day the top five were:  Sean Coutts/Rob Dufreane, Doug Ross/Curtis Turko, Jon Snyder/Steve Snyder, Dan Tereck/Gord Tereck, Michael Schmidt/David Dorge. 

The stepladder was played on 25/26 with the gold pins.  Another first.  Normally we swap pairs each stepladder game, and it's been a long time since we used gold pins.  But in the end it was a great stepladder. 

After all said and done, Michael Schmidt and David Dorge walked away with the title.  After many years of being partners, they finally got a win.  Congratulations gentlemen!

Once again,  a huge thank you to Curtis Turko for donating gift cards!  Your generosity is greatly appreciated!  Everyone should go to Mongos's absolutely delicious!!

I hope everyone had fun!  Please let us know what you think of the change to bowling on a holiday.  Hope to see everyone out for the next tournament, March 30 at Laverendrye Lanes which will be a 8 game singles.  Good luck to all! 


(I apologize for anything amazing that happened that I may have forgotten to mention, long day...  And apologize for the crappy picture...I really thought it was better than that...) 

For full results:
Tournament Results

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