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Hal Ross Doubles - November 11, 2013

The MCBA tournament season has officially begun, starting it off with the Hal Ross Doubles held at Laverendrye Salle de Quilles.  A huge thank you to our sponsors, Chez Cora and Laverendrye Salle de Quilles, without who we would not be able to give out the prize money we do.  For those who were able, we enjoyed a very delightful breakfast at Chez Cora before starting a very long day.
After a few years of depleted teams, we decided to change the format.  We decided to try cutting the field to a maximum of 24 teams, causing us to completely revamp the tournament.  And lucky for us we ended up with 21 teams, causing only three John Does to be needed.  It worked out well, all John Does being knocked out by the end of round two.

We were fortunate to see a total of seven youth bowlers participating this year.  Congratulations to all the youth bowlers who came out to bowl.  A couple decided to take a scholarship while a few took cash.  Ever since the Canadian Tenpin Federation took away Rule 19, participation has improved significantly and the youth are showing the adults just what they can do. 

There were quite a few close games this year, which was a great thing to see.  Joseph Franchewski and Liam Naylor knocked Michael Schmidt and Jon Domingo onto the B-Side after a close match.  The two duos would later meet in the semi-finals, but unfortunately Mike and Jon were better prepared beating Joe and Liam, knocking them out of the tournament.  Joe and Liam finished third. 

Austyn Ducharme and his partner Ryan Kruk came down to the final frame to Lynne Gauthier and Sharon Tataryn, only falling one pin behind.  Austyn and Ryan finished 5th Good bowling Austyn and Ryan! 

Lynne and Sharon went undefeated on the A-Side, meeting Mike and Jon in the finals.  After two matches, since the A-Side winners need to be beaten twice, Mike and Jon walked away with first place.  This is a first even win for doubles partners Mike and Jon, finishing second, third and fourth together in the Hal Ross in previous years. 


Congratulations Mike and Jon on your big win!

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