Thursday, January 2, 2014

Alternate Frame Doubles 2013

This year’s Alternate Frame Doubles tournament was held on February 10, 2013, at Chateau Lanes. It was certainly an interesting one to watch. With a couple more entries than the previous year, including a youth powerhouse duo, we were pleased. From the get-go, our youth duo, Mitch Hupé and Sean Coutts, proved to be an unstoppable force. Starting out of the gate with a 266 and a 257, Mitch and Sean led the tournament from game two. It quickly became a tournament of who could throw the most strikes. By the end of the 12 games, Mitch and Sean had a total of 2801 (not including their bonus points), an average of 233. They won 9 of their matches, taking an additional 180 pins for a grand total of 2981. Good job boys!

There were a lot of great games thrown by all the duos including: 266, 257, 235, 226, 243, 259, 223, 234 and 230 by Sean and Mitch; 279, 269, 247 and 270 by Mark and Stew; 225, 226, 228, 245, 248, 237 and 236 by Mathieu and Clem; 235, 246, 236, 221, 225 by Jason B. and Rob; 231, 236(x2), 244, 258 and 228 by David and Mike; 229(x2), 227, 235, and 242 by Dan and Jason S.; 247, 226 and 249 by Sharon and Lynne; 230, 247, 268 and 224 by Denis and Jon; 235(x2), 223 and 225 by David and Thomas; 267 and 236 by Robbie and Randy.

There was a stepladder of the top four duos: Mitch Hupé and Sean Coutts, Mark Soriano and Stew Mackenzie, Clem Perreault and Mathieu Friolet, and Rob Dufreane and Jason Borle. Mark and Stew, and Clem and Mathieu were thrown together last minute after unforeseeable circumstances, but that didn’t stop these two duos from bowling up a storm and finishing in the top. However, after a rigorous stepladder which was filled with games of “I don’t want it, you can have it”, Mitch Hupé and Sean Coutts won the tournament. Hopefully we see more from these two great youth bowlers in the future.


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