Sunday, January 5, 2014

MCBA/Chateau 5 Game Classic 2013

This year the MCBA Singles Classic was combined with the Chateau Classic.  They put out the Manitoba Open shot, The Beaten Path, for all those who wanted to the practice in a tournament setting.  We saw the same amount of people as our last year’s singles tournament at this time last year with a total of 17 bowlers.

The top four changed hands quite a few times in the five games that were played.  In the end, however, the top four was:  Joseph Franchewski, Lynne Gauthier, Michael Schmidt and Sean Coutts. 

In this tournament we do a curling-style page play down.  First place and second place play each other on one pair, while third place and fourth place play each other on another pair.  The winner of the match between first and second automatically gets a bye into the finals.  The winner of the match between third and fourth goes on to play the loser of the match between first and second.  The winner of that match goes on to  play first place in the finals. 
Joseph and Lynne played each other, while Michael and Sean played each other.  Joseph beat Lynne 266 to 222.  Michael beat Sean in a close match 214 to 211.  Michael then went on to beat Lynne 228 to 225 in the semi-finals.  After a good run, Joseph was beat in the finals by Michael, 242 to 212.

Great job by all bowlers on Kegel’s Challenge Pattern, the Beaten Path!  Good luck to all those bowling in the Manitoba Open on January 4 and 5, 2014 at Chateau Lanes!



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