Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2012 Six Game Classic Results

Michael Schmidt and MCBA President Lynne Gauthier
On December 16, 2012, the MCBA held our Six Game Classic.  It was certainly our best MCBA singles tournament in a couple years with a total of 17 bowlers, seeing as this same tournament last year saw only 6 bowlers.  We are very happy at the growing amount of participation we have been seeing. 

The Six Game Classic consists of a six game total pinfall, the top four advancing into a page playoff which is very similar to curling.  It gives this tournament a unique feel.  The top four this year was Gord Tereck in 4th, Mathieu Friolet in 3rd, Mitch Hupe in 2nd and Michael Schmidt in 1st.

In the first match, 4th plays 3rd while 2nd plays 1st.   Mathieu Friolet defeated Gord Tereck, 245-215.  Meanwhile one of our youth bowlers, Mitch Hupé, defeated Michael Schmidt, 224-206.  Winning this match sent Mitch to the finals while Michael went over to play against Mathieu.  Mathieu has come up in the ranks in the MCBA the last couple years, finishing 4th in this same tournament last year.  Unfortunately he was stopped by Michael Schmidt who bowled a 229 to Mathieu's 166, forcing Mathieu to take 3rd this year.  Maybe next year he can do even better. 

After that match Michael and Mitch met once again in the finals.  After a few tough frames for both players, Michael came out on top to win the tournament with a 239 to Mitch's 203. 

Tournament Poster - Click for full PDF

Top Finishers
  1. Michael Schmidt
  2. Mitch Hupé
  3. Mathieu Friolet
  4. Gord Tereck

Congratulations Mike on another MCBA win!!

For the full results, click Full Tournament Results.

Congratulations to all our winners from the Six Game Classic!

The MCBA would like to thank all the bowlers who came out to bowl this tournament.  We hope to see you all at the next tournament, the Alternate Frame Doubles at Chateau Lanes on February 10, 2013.  A poster and information will be out shortly, but if you would like to get your names in now, feel free to give them to Shauna @ franchewski.shauna@hotmail.com or Lynne @ lmg@mymts.net.  Thanks!

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